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Biography of the Band



klezmer/Gypsy witha bit of this and a little of that.


Band Members

    Current Lineup:


    Adam Poulin - Violin / 

    Dan Horowitz- Bass / 

    Scottie Nicholson - Guitar / 

    Noel Beverley - Mandolin / 

    Bud Freeman- Clarinet / 

    Joe Ellison- Drums / 

    Eddie Glikin- Percussion / 

    Eric Linder- Saxophone/

    Philip Kohnen- Accordion



Athens, GA


Record Label

Kanehora Records



Planet Earth



The NE Georgia Klezmer Review has called us:  “A rare treat and a delight…”  “Probably one of the best klezmer bands North of Baxter Street.”                -Athens Music Times  music samples at:



Klezmer Local 42 began in Athens, Georgia, 2009. For a long time before its inception, double bassist and long-time EarthFare employee Dan Horowitz and guitarist/evolutionary biologist Daniel Promislow would discuss their love of klezmer every time they met, which, in a town the size of Athens, was often. Meanwhile Daniel and multi-instrumentalist/singer Noel Beverly often talked about world music while they were members of the Athens Celtic band Short Road Home and wondered about getting together with this Horowitz guy to play klezmer.


After all, mused Dan and Daniel, what other music could so embody their culture and that of their ancestors? What other music could pack so much emotion—so much joy and sadness (often simultaneously)—into each and every note? The Blues? Yes, but klezmer is a very close second – and very danceable.


Finally, after possibly years of talk, Horowitz, Promislow and Beverly began the hunt for like-minded musicians in earnest. Luckily, musicians grow on trees in Athens, GA.  It didn’t take long for the band to pick up drummer Joe Ellison, violinist Adam Poulin, accordionist Abel Klainbaum (who played from 2009-2012), clarinetist Paul Prenovitz (2009-2010), and finally Bud Freeman, who replaced Paul on clarinet. Their newest members are percussionist Eddie Glikin, saxophonist Rabbi Eric Linder, guitarist Scotty Nicholson and accordionist, Philip Kohnen.


A quick word about the name. They started with the name Lokshen Kugel, which means “noodle pudding” in Yiddish, but soon found that many people had trouble pronouncing “Lokshen Kugel”. They even had trouble pronouncing “The Band Formerly Known as Lokshen Kugel”. So they changed the name to Klezmer Local 42.


It didn’t take the band long to realize that they were far too twisted to just play traditional klezmer. They couldn’t refrain from incorporating other influences into their music including Classic Rock, swing, hip-hop, pop radio hits, tangos, and sea shanties. They sing in Yiddish, Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Pirate-Talk. They also have a penchant for playing movie theme songs.


Klezmer Local 42 has enjoyed a strong regional following, playing Bar Mitzvah’s, weddings, festivals and clubs and have toured nationally and internationally.


Early in 2015, Klezmer Local 42 released a full-length CD entitled Fear of a Yiddish Planet.


General Manager

Dan Horowitz


Booking agent

Klezmer Local 42 / Phone- 706 254-6529

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